My self composed poems


Prepare yourself to spend vacations in Kashmir,

Where you will find lots of Pir.

The temperature will be around two or three,

And above all it is pollution free.

You must carry woolen blanket,

And something to prevent your tent.

Whether you go by train or by plane,

You will forget all your pain.

You must eat red apple,

In which nature has poured its love in ample.

You must visit saffron fields,

Which can’t be fit in your camera reels.

The round of ‘Dal’ in House-Boat,

Will leave no words in your throat.

The wool of sheep,

Will not let you creep.

You will surely find your favorite Bollywood star,

Who will be waiting for you with a Flower.

The hills have thick snow cover,

Which has very good medicinal power.

The people found here are only pink,

Who are as loving as little mink.

You will not feel happy coming from snow pool,

But sorry! You have to go to school.

You may plan for next holidays,

Till then remember those beautiful days…..


Life is full of joy & sorrow,

Enjoy it freely or in a deep burrow.

It’s yours you have to live it,

Don’t lose it by falling in a pit.

Look the dance of peacock in rain,

Look at caged bird pain.

Listen the lion roar,

Or a song of condor.

Speak like cuckoo sweet voice,

So that everyone listens you even a small mouse.

Search for the end of sea,

Or in a forest a tree.

So try to enjoy every moment of life,

Do not try to disturb a hive.

Don’t become selfish & jealous of other,

Treat the nature as your mother.

You will see your life becoming worthwhile,

When you walk along river a mile….

Gift of Nature

Nature has everything in plenty,

But you must take it silently.

The energy of sunlight,

Can heat up to any height.

The wind power,

Can cause movement even in a tower.

The waves of the sea,

Will take you anywhere you want to be.

The water of the rain,

Will make your blood in the vein.

The fruits of the garden,

Will fill your lots of carton.

The smell of the flower,

Will give you inner power.

The song of the bird,

Will turn your milk into curd.

The dance of the animal,

Will make you glow like a pearl.

The medicines of mountain,

Will let you forget your pain.

So explore it with great care,

Remember for all these you don’t have to pay any fare.


God please give me your Grace,

So that I can work with full pace.

God never make me selfish & greedy,

So that I can always help a needy.

Help me to respect everyone,

So that I can have my enemy as none.

God never make me lazy,

So give me hard work which should make me busy.

God, I must bow before my elder,

Which should make me feel gladder.

God please make me pure & humble,

So that I never feel any trouble.

God I should never try to cheat other,

& treat everyone in this world as my brother.

Help me to save my mother EARTH & nature,

For that I should love every creature.

I should always be eager to learn,

So that I can make my life full of fun.

Please God give me your blessings for everything,

So I could never do a wrong thing.


The hills of Manali are so cool,

Anyone can make himself a romantic fool.

You are welcome by tall conifers,

Where you have to walk on snow layers.

The flow of Beas can over whelm anyone,

And the wonderful people will give you fun.

The prayer at the Hidumba temple,

The hot water spring in Vashisht temple.

The taste of the apple,

Will give you in everything in ample.

The high snow covered mountains,

Will let you skate in the rain.

The white huge yak at the snow point,

looks on snow as a pin point

The people in the market,

Will not let you go without a mascot.

You will be astonished by thousands of waterfall,

And the warmth of the pashmina shawl.

The sharpening of mountains for making the way,

Will chill your summers in May.

The morning sun above the ice,

Looks delicious and very nice.

The trees will not let you go,

You have to come again on the snow.


Desert make every effort,

To give you a no of comfort.

They give you every spice,

To eat up with rice.

Its beauty is its animal,

To which we know as camel.

Where ever you touch your hand,

You will find only sand.

The plants grown here are only Eremophytes,

Which bears a scorching sunlight.

Its all wells & river are dried up,

So camel stores water it is hump.

It has the rich source of groundnut,

Where a tornado takes away the hut.

Species of cactus will be seen all over,

But you will hardly see any tower.

So deserts have everything,

& even they lack everything.

Lesson of Life

The art of learning,

Starts every morning.

You will love the fun of subjects,

Where each one is different from the next.

Maths is easy,

But the calculations make everyone busy.

The chemistry & history,

Where everything remains a mystery.

The concept of physics,

Are like English lyrics.

The list of botanists is very large,

Who collect sample of plant in a barge.

You have to remember a no of logy,

If you want to study zoology.

You can only understand computer,

When you have a good tutor.

If you want to excel,

You cannot afford to miss physical.

So take interest in every subject,

They will make you the best.


It was the time of the dawn,

People were taking their yawn.

Birds were chirping all around,

Sprinters were taking a round.

It was a beautiful morning,

& suddenly it started raining.

Since it was the first rain of the season,

So on one has any reason.

People were rushing to keep their things here & there,

But they found the space nowhere.

Black dust from the terrace came on the road,

Melodious song was given by the little toad.

Thunderstorm took everyone’s attention,

Giving them a heavy tension.

How will they go to their office,

How children go to school to complete their copies.

The water stand on the lane,

& the guard has to pull the chain.

The driver stop the train,

& also there was no signal for the plane.

The rain stopped after an hour,

Children have to miss the shower.

Everyone again saw the Sun,

After enjoying & gaining a lot of fun.

Indo – Pak relations

Let me tell you about Indo Pak relation,

Which will not be find between any nation.

The main issue is Kashmir,

Which has both temples & Pir.

If there is some cricket match,

You will find no empty bench.

Both has fought many war,

On the sacred Himalayan floor.

Both the countries has nuclear power,

Which can burst a tall tower.

Govt. have done various talks,

But could not do anything for the folk.

Both depend on each other’s trade,

But could not do common military parade.

No one knows when the issue will settle,

& who will win the battle.

We must pray for these,

So that everyone will live in peace.

Writing Poem

My teacher told me to write something

But I found it foolish to write anything

I was looking the nature outside the window

I found a small creature eating a minto

I looked at the trees bending & dancing

& saw a small boy crossing the fencing

I saw the birds chirping on the ground

& someone climbing on the little mount

I saw the vehicles moving around

& someone taking a round

I looked at the little green grass

& saw a bundle full of mass

I remembered my early days at school

Where I use to make others fool

When I came from the school in the rain

& doing “Chama Cham” on the lane


Greet your teacher

Who builds your future

Be a friend of teacher

They will fill you with good feature

They are like your parents

Who will give you a number of talents

Teachers are those priests

Who show you the way to Christ

Their scolding are that love

Which makes your life easy from the tough

They are those judge

Who never teach you to be a budge

Teachers always teach you truth

Which makes your life full of fruit

So teachers are the only one

Who spend their lives to make your life full of fun

Enjoy Life

Life is beautiful, enjoy it as you like

Save it from the pollution of your bike

Use the energy of wind & sun

To make your life full of fun

Save the plants from being cut

Otherwise the life of all will be shut

Save the animals from being killed

So that you have life joy filled

Make the use of resources efficiently

Otherwise you will be out of this world very recently

Look the nature with open eyes

Do its care proper & wise

Feel happy on looking at a flower’s bud

& don’t shy on touching Earth’s mud

So love everyone of this beautiful nature

Whether it’s a human or a mini creature


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    • Vaibhav Jain

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      Thanks a lot Anshika for your words. It really means a lot to me…:)

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    these r fabulous vaibhav
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      Hi Arun, thanks for your interest. But i request you not to spread any communalism here. Its same for everyone. All are brothers & sisters.


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